What to Do with Dried Flowers? 11 Creative Ideas for Your Home

In this blog post we delve into creative ideas what to do with dried flowers. Whether you have a collection of dried blossoms from a special occasion or you simply appreciate the enduring charm of dried botanicals, there’s a myriad of creative possibilities waiting to unfold. In this blog post, we’ll explore 11 imaginative and delightful ideas to breathe new life into dried flowers, transforming them into captivating and purposeful creations. From décor to self-care, let’s dive into the enchanting world of dried flowers and discover the endless potential they hold.

1. Flower Garland


By using a think yarn or wire you can arrange them on multiple long threads and bind them to a larger object which you then can hang from your wall or window. And like this you have a beautiful decorative flower garland!

2. Flower Wreath


Combining dried flowers to a flower wreath makes for a wondeful wall decoration piece with so many options!

3. Hanging them bottom down


You can keep it simple and hang them as little Bouquets from the wall, which gives any kitchen a cozy feel.

4. Flower Bouquet


Making a flower bouquet of dried flowers is one of the most popular ideas for a good reason! Using dried flowers you never have to worry about your flower bouquets turning bad.

5. Decorative Bar


Drilling some holes in a bar and sticking dried flowers inside gives a beautiful decoration piece. Place it infront of a window or in the center of a table!

6. Framing dried Flowers


Arranging dried flowers in a frame with paspartu gives an elegant option to decorate any wall!

7. Lamp Shades


using some papermaché and paper you can also create unique looking lamp shades.

8. Candles


There are infinite possibilities with creating candles, using all kind of dried flowers is one of them!

9. Smudge Sticks


use dried flowers and herbs in combination with sage or pine or other good smelling plants to create your very own smudging sticks.

10. Decorative Broom


turn your flower boutique into this wondeful idea of a witchy broom stick by giving it a branch!

11. In a Bottle


Another elegant idea is to fill dried flowers in a bottle. This decorative piece is also super handy as you will not have to deal with falling leaves.

From adorning your living space with whimsical décor to infusing self-care rituals with botanical beauty, dried flowers bring a touch of nature’s poetry into our lives. Whether you choose to create a flower bouquet, craft personalized botanical candles, or create a stunning pressed flower lamp, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

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