37 Ideas of What to Do With Empty Notebooks

What to do with empty notebooks, we all had that question. Empty notebooks, with their blank pages and untapped potential, hold a unique opportunity for stationery enthusiasts, writers, and artists alike. The blank canvas of a notebook invites creativity, productivity, and a myriad of possibilities. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of empty notebooks, exploring a plethora of inspiring ways to fill those pages. Whether you’re a journaling aficionado, a budding artist, or someone simply seeking to make the most of that empty notebook you’ve been eyeing, we’ve got you covered.

We broke the ideas of what do to with empty notebooks down into different categories. Skip to the section resonates the most with you!

“Classic” Journal Types

1 Classic Diaries

Embrace the timeless practice of journaling by pouring your thoughts, experiences, and reflections onto the pages. This classic approach is not only therapeutic but also a beautiful way to document your life’s narrative.

2 Gratitude Journals

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by dedicating your notebook to recording daily expressions of thankfulness. This practice can bring a profound shift in perspective and enhance your overall well-being.

3 Dream Journals

Transform your notebook into a repository of your nocturnal adventures. Recording your dreams can help you decode your subconscious mind and uncover hidden insights.

Creative Outlets

4 Sketchbooks and Doodles

For the artist at heart, empty notebooks are perfect sketchbooks. Fill them with drawings, doodles, and creative experiments. Let your imagination run wild on those blank pages.

5 Bullet Journals

The bullet journaling method provides a structured yet flexible way to organize your life. Create a personalized planner, incorporating to-do lists, calendars, habit trackers, and more.

6 Art Journals

Combine written reflections with artistic expressions in an art journal. Use a variety of mediums like watercolors, markers, and collages to bring your thoughts to life visually.

7 Found Object Art

Transform your notebook into a collection of found object art. Tape in leaves, movie tickets, and other bits you find during your adventures.

8 Typography Artistry

Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and styles to create striking typographic art. Let your words form the basis of intricate patterns and designs.

9 Collage Storytelling

Craft imaginative stories using magazine cutouts or printed images. Combine them into visual narratives that unfold across the pages.

10 30-Day Sketch Challenge

Embark on a 30-day sketch challenge. Dedicate each day to a specific theme or object, honing your artistic skills and filling your notebook with imaginative creations.

Learning and Knowledge

11 Study Notes

Make your notebook a companion in your educational journey. Take meticulous study notes, jot down key points from lectures, or create concise summaries of textbooks.

12 Language Learning

If you’re learning a new language, an empty notebook can serve as your language diary. Use it for vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, and practicing conversational phrases.

13 Book Reviews

Chronicle your reading adventures by writing book reviews. Rate and discuss the books you’ve read, keeping a record of your literary escapades.

14 Historical Diaries

Chronicle your life as if you were living in a different era. Write journal entries and create illustrations that reflect a bygone time.

15 Code Breaker’s Notebook

Delve into the world of ciphers and codes. Use your notebook to create and decode secret messages, sparking your inner cryptographer.

16 Traveler’s Scrapbook

Create a mobile art studio in your notebook. Sketch your surroundings, press local plants, and add postcards from your travels.

17 Memory Archive

Keep a living record of your life by logging one small moment each day. It’s a simple and powerful way to reflect on the passing of time.

18 Commonplace Book

A great idea is to start a commonplace book. A commonplace book is a journal where you store all kind of informations like passages from books, recipes, personal ideas etc.

Personal Growth

19 Goals and Aspirations

Transform your notebook into a goal-setting hub. Write down your dreams, aspirations, and the steps needed to achieve them. This can be a powerful tool for personal growth.

20 Affirmation Journal

Boost your self-esteem and positivity by maintaining an affirmation journal. Pen down daily affirmations to reinforce self-belief and cultivate a positive mindset.

21 Travel Journals

Document your travel adventures with vivid descriptions, sketches, and mementos. Create a chronicle of your journeys that can transport you back to those memorable places.

22 The Vision Board Journal

Transform your notebook into a vision board. Cut and paste images and phrases that represent your dreams, goals, and aspirations.

23 Thought Experiments

Dive into philosophical exploration. Write down thought experiments, paradoxes, and questions about the universe and existence.

24 Future Self Journal

Record not just your nightly dreams, but your aspirations and visions for the future. Write from the perspective of the person you want to become. What dreams can you manifest in reality?

25 Morning Pages

A self-development technique that got famous from the book “The Artist’s Way” are keeping a journal with morning pages. In these morning pages you “brain dump” all of your worries and thoughts on paper directly in the morning.

Business and Productivity

26 Work Planner

Empty notebooks can be your professional sidekick. Use them to keep track of meetings, deadlines, and important notes, helping you stay organized at work.

27 Business Ideas

Entrepreneurs and creative thinkers can brainstorm, plan, and develop business ideas in these notebooks. Keep your innovative thoughts in one place.

28 Financial Records

Keep your finances in check by using an empty notebook as a financial journal. Record expenses, budget plans, and track your financial progress.

29 Brainstorming Hub

Turn your notebook into a storm of ideas. Brainstorm solutions to everyday problems, or invent something entirely new.

More Ideas what to do with Empty Notebooks

30 Recipe Collection

Craft a family recipe book by writing down cherished recipes, adding personal notes, and including photos of the delicious dishes you’ve prepared.

31 Letter to Your Future Self

Write letters to your future self at different intervals. Reflect on your past and set intentions for what you hope to achieve in the years to come.

32 Memory Catalog

Use your notebook as a memory catalog. Insert movie tickets, letters, dried flowers, and other mementos, accompanied by your thoughts about each.

33 Doodle Duel

Challenge a friend to a “doodle duel.” Exchange the notebook, take turns adding to each other’s drawings, and see where your combined creativity leads.

34 Mystery Novel Collaboration

Co-write a mystery novel with a friend. One person starts the story, then the other continues, creating a narrative that unfolds in your notebook.

35 Musical Lyric Journal

Transcribe the lyrics of your favorite songs, adding your thoughts and feelings about each one. Your notebook becomes a lyrical exploration of your musical journey.

36 Gratitude Collage Journals

Craft gratitude collages by combining images, words, and doodles that represent things you’re thankful for. It’s a visual celebration of the good things in life.

37 Mindful Nature Logs

Create a nature journal where you document your encounters with the natural world. Sketch leaves, describe the songs of birds, and press flowers as keepsakes.

38 2-in-1 Journaling

Start two parallel journals on the same pages—one for your thoughts and the other for your daily sketches. Your words and art will converse, creating a unique narrative.


Now you have many ideas of what to do with empty notebooks. An empty notebook is not a void; it’s an open door to creativity, self-expression, and personal development. With the myriad of possibilities we’ve explored, your empty notebook can be transformed into a cherished keepsake, a powerful tool for growth, or a canvas for your imagination. Whether you choose to journal your thoughts, create a masterpiece, or embark on a learning journey, remember that the blank pages are your opportunity to make your mark on the world, one word or stroke at a time. So, the next time you’re faced with an empty notebook, embrace it as an invitation to explore the boundless horizons of your own potential.

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