45+ Genius Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas You Did Not Think of Yet

Bullet journal tracker Ideas: Bullet journals, with their unmatched flexibility and adaptability, have transformed the way we plan, organize, and track our lives. The heart of this ingenious system lies in its tracking features, which empower us to monitor habits, reach our goals, and foster personal growth. In this extensive blog post, we’ll embark on a deep dive into the world of bullet journal tracker ideas, providing you with a wealth of inspiration to seize control of your life, cultivate positive habits, and chart your journey towards success.

The Transformative Power of Tracking in Your Bullet Journal

Your Personal Accountability System

Your bullet journal’s tracking capabilities function as your personal accountability system. They serve as a constant reminder, keeping you motivated and on track to attain your objectives, whether they revolve around health, productivity, or personal development.

Illuminating Self-Awareness

The act of tracking your habits and behaviors offers a profound glimpse into your life. It has the power to illuminate areas that require improvement, reinforce your strengths, and provide you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

1 Bullet Journal Tracking Ideas for Goals and Celebrating Achievements

Bullet Journaling is an amazing way for working and achieving personal goals. There are many ways how you can use your Bujo to make sure you stay on track with achieving your goals! So let’s explore some bullet journal tracker ideas.

Habit Tracker

Establishing good and healthy habits is something that we all strive to do. Those things could be waking up early, reading a book, working out, reducing screen time. You can use simple trackers to make sure you hit your target. There are also techniques like “Don’t Break the Chain” method, the “Two-Week Challenge,” and “The Habit Stack.”

Project Tracker

You can use your Bullet Journal to keep on track with important variables you have set for your projects. Those projects could be work-related, a side hustle or just recreational.

Affirmation Log

Creating a healthy mindset is everything when it comes to becoming the best version of yourself and creating your dream life. Why not use your bullet journal to log an affirmation everyday? Think about affirming love, success, empowerment,…

Gratitude Log

Equally so, a healthy mindset is all about gratitude. Sometimes we forget about all the things we can already be so grateful for in our lifes. Keep track of it by journaling and logging about the things you are grateful for in your bullet journal.

Year in Pixels

The “year in Pixels” is a very popular bullet journal tracking idea. You create a grid of boxes for the months and days of a year and every pixel will be colored where the color corresponds to a theme or a feeling of that day. Like this you have in one view how your year was like in terms of mood, feeling, theme or whatever you choose to track

The Future Log

we have an entire blog post about the future log. The future log holds your aspirations and dates for that year. Those are especially important to track.

Level 10 Life

The level 10 live or live assessment wheel we also have separately covered. Its a self-development technique that allows you to assess multiple aspects of your life to figure out what are the areas you want to improve in.

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2 Creative Habit and Interest Tracker Ideas

These bullet journal tracker ideas are really more about having fun and having an overview of all the interests and cool things you have done or are planning to do.

Book Tracker

Book trackers are generally designed as part of the yearly spread. Allocate a dedicated double page for it. Here you can draw a book shelf with (yet) empty book spines, once you read a book but the title in and the bookshelf will fill during the year with all the books that you read. You can also pre-plan all the books that you want to read and keep track of that!

Playlist Tracker

You can add a Playlist tracker at the beginning of the month to your spread and note down the “playlist of the month” what albums and kind of music have you listened to? Its a great way to establish a theme and mood to the month and you can always come back and remember what music you were listening to.

Show and Movie tracker

This one is very similar to the book tracker. Keep track of all the shows and movies that your are planning to watch, so you don’t miss anything!

Collecting Items

Maybe you have a passion of collecting specific items and you are actively growing your collection. Be it tarot cards, crystals, vinyl records, handbags,… – we all have something, don’t you. A tracker for your collection is a great way of keeping an overview of what you already have and what you are still hunting for.

3 Health, Well-being and Fitness Tracking: Your Personal Wellness Dashboard

Your bullet journal can seamlessly become your holistic health and fitness companion. Dive deep into these tracking techniques that span meal planning, workout routines, sleep patterns, water intake, and more. Uncover how your journal can be your catalyst for transforming your well-being. These are the right bullet journal tracker ideas for it.

Period Log

This one can easily become one of your most important trackers. There are so many reasons why you want or have to track your menstruation. It is somethings that might become a bit boring over time but with a bullet journal tracker it can become a really fun activity and you always have a great overview. You can also include your body temperature or other metrics that important for your health.

Sleep Tracker

A sleep tracker is another essential one when it comes to your overall well being. There are many different ways you can track your sleep. Definitely head over to our dedicated blog entry to sleep logging.

Dream Log

Dream logging can become an essential tool for exploring your inner world and mental well-being. Head over to our article about dream logging and also to our articles to work with your dreams and analyze them.

Weight loss and Weight gain

Being on a health journey, your weight might be an important metric you want to track. With bullet journaling this becomes real breeze. You can incorprate it in your monthly spread or yearly spread, we cover this in our blog post about fitness trackers.

Self-care Tracker

With a self-care tracker you can track the self-care rituals that you want to establish in your life. This can be anything from meditation, to breath work or meeting friends regularly.

Hydration, and Water log

This is a simple one but really important one as well. We all know how important it is to drink enough water every day. Track how many liters or glasses of water you are drinking every day to make sure you stay hydrated!

Food Tracker

If you have certain goals concerning your nutrition, a food tracker can be a great way to make sure you are staying on track with a certain diet. You might also want to track supplements, calories or just if your ate processed or unprocessed food, you can really customize this according to your objectives.

Phone and Screen Time Tracker

we all know we should get way from these screens and stop spending so much time on our phone. There are many apps out there or phone setting where you can look up your scree n time and lock apps if you get over a certain time frame. Write these numbers down in your bullet journal to keep track how much screen time you are spending on your phone to build up healthier habits.

Activity Tracker

track your activities like the steps you took or what form of transportation you used. This is create to combine with apps that track those metrics for you.

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4 Financial Mastery Through Bullet Journaling

Financial success begins with good tracking. Learn the art of effective budgeting, expense tracking, and money-saving practices through your bullet journal. Gain control over your financial life with these indispensable bullet journal tracker ideas.

Savings Tracker

Maybe you have specific saving goals. This is a great way of keeping tack of these goals.

Budget Tracker

If you have set a certain budget for your spending every day, why not keep track with it with your bullet journal?

Investment Tracker

As with your savings might also have investment goals. With a dedicated tracker you can keep track of these goals.

Income Tracker

Especially when you have multiple income streams or/and it is fluctuating keeping track with your bullet journal can give you a great overview!

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5 Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas for Daily Life

Here are some bullet journal tracker ideas that can help us navigate our daily life.

Cleaning Calendar

This is for all the planners and organizers out there who also are impeccable with their cleaning routine! Keep track with everything that needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to always know what needs to be taken care of. This is especially useful for larger households.

Birthday Calendar

This one you can combine with your future log or you dedicate a separate spread so you keep track of all the birthdays in a year. You can also directly plan gifts you need to get for each birthday.

Social Media Tracker

If you are active on social media and consistency is imporant for you, why not keep track of your posting routine with your bullet journal?

Christmas Present Tracker

We all know how overwhelming Christmas planning can become especially if there are a lot of presents you need to plan. Dedicate a section of your bullet journal for that special time to make sure you are prepared.

Meal Planner

A meal planner is a great way of keeping track with the meals you want to prepare. Plan your groceries, your nutrition intake and your meal-prepping for the week.


This is something that is often overlooked as a bullet journal tracker idea. Why not add for every day a paragraph about how you experienced the day, what you did, what you where thinking and feeling. Break up your bullet journal spread and add more personal writing.

Pet log

create a spread for your furry friend and companion! A monthly or weekly spread dedicated for your pet gives you a great overview what your pet might need.

Plants Log

For all the plant lovers out there – create a log to keep track of how plants are doing, how much water they need, when it is time for fertilizing etc.


You can combine your bullet journal with a recipes journal. Especially if you try lots of new recipes and create your own ones, you can make your recipes book part of your bullet journal.

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  • bullet journal tracker ideas

6 Reading, Studying and Learning Tracking: Igniting Intellectual Passions

Whether you’re an avid reader, a student, or a lifelong learner, your bullet journal can become your learning hub. Explore bullet journal tracker ideas methods for your reading pursuits and educational endeavors, such as the “Reading Challenge” and “Language Learning Log.”

Textbook Tracker

This one is similar to the book tracker, just here we want to track the textbooks that we are studying. You can combine this which your most important takeaways to every textbook to make indexing and studying easier.

Reading Challenge

This can be a great way to play with your study buddies. Keep track of all the readings that you do for your study exam and compare it with your friends.

Vocabulary Language Tracker

Building your vocabulary is one of the most important part of learning a language you can bring this into your bullet journal by incorporating new vocabulary that you are learning right now in your weekly or daily spread.

Study Tracker

The study tracker is a bit more loose as to what you want to track. You can track the different topics that you are learning right now to see if your are covering everything important (let’s say there is a list of topics for your exams) or you can also track your grads and really track your performance and how you are improving.

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  • bullet journal tracker ideas

7 Mood and Emotion Tracking: Navigating Your Inner Landscape

Maintain emotional well-being with mood trackers. Dive into the practice of recording your daily moods to gain a better understanding of your mental health and well-being by these bullet journal tracker ideas.

Mood Tracker

This is a very popular tracker that is generally incorporated to the monthly spread. Yearly (year in pixels) and weekly is also an option. The monthly mood tracker is a great way to play with your theme and come up with something very creative. Coloring in doodles in different colors depending on your mood is a very common way of approaching the mood tracker.

Energy Tracker

This one is similar to the mood tracker just that here you are look more at the energy level you have every day. This one is often combined with the sleep tracker.

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8 Travel and Adventure Tracking: Capture Your Wanderlust

For the adventurers and travelers, your bullet journal can become your ultimate travel companion. We’ll discuss inventive techniques for tracking your journeys, collecting travel memories, and documenting your adventures.

Travel Tracker

In the travel tracker you can track all the places you are traveling this year. Places you want to visit, hotels you want to stay, restaurants you want to eat, attractions you want to see. You can organize your travel by noting down your travel schedule, when you have to check-in, what you have to prepare and so much more.

Packing Log

A packing log is fancy way of a packing list. This spread can be a dedicated section in your bullet journal that keeps track of everything importnant that you need to bring with you for your travels.

Bucket List Tracker

With this bucket list tracker you can make a list of all the things you always wanted to do to make sure you are not only living on autopilot but you are living the experiences you are dreaming about.

9 Spirituality

let’s explore some bullet journal tracker ideas for your spiritual practice.

Holy Book and Prayer Journal

Bible Journaling is a very popular practice and you can easily combine this with your daily bullet journaling. A bit like our trackers for affirmations and gratitude those more spiritual and religious approaches can be very enriching for your life.

Book of Shadow and Grimoir

We wrote a whole article about the book of shadow, how to create and use one. This is also something that you might want to consider to combine with your bullet journal.

Moon Cycle

The cycle of the moon is a great metric that you can incorporate in your existing tracker systems. We really love the moon journal to journal in accordance with the moon!


Much like tracking the moon cycle you can track the astrology stages in your bullet journal and combine it with horoscope readings.

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Bonus: Time Management Techniques with Productivity Tracking

Elevate your productivity using your bullet journal. We delve into the secrets of time management, including the Pomodoro technique, time blocking, and the Eisenhower Matrix. These strategies help you make the most of your time.

Conclusion Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Your bullet journal is more than just a planner; it’s your life’s story waiting to be written. With these bullet journal tracker ideas, you can unlock the true potential of your journal. Embrace these tracking tools to set yourself on a path of personal growth and productivity that will take you to new heights. So, grab your favorite pens, and prepare to embark on an exciting tracking adventure, where every page is a step closer to your goals and dreams.

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