6 Aphrodite Witchcraft Spells to Fall Madly in Love With Yourself

In a world that teaches especially women to prioritize others before themselves it essential to take some power back and focus on the exterme impotance of self-love. Only when we cultivate a strong relationship to ourself can we give to others. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, offers a powerful presence in the realm of witchcraft to guide us on the journey of self-love. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of Aphrodite witchcraft and discover beauty spells, love spells, and self-care rituals that can help strengthen our connection with ourselves.

Aphrodite Witchcraft. Symbols of Aphrodite

Aphrodite Witchcraft

As the Greek goddess of love and desire, Aphrodite embodies the essence of passion, sensuality, and enchantment. When practitioners invite her into their craft, they seek guidance in matters of the heart, whether it be fostering self-love, enhancing relationships, or embracing the beauty within.

Aphrodite’s energy is gentle yet potent, encouraging individuals to recognize and celebrate their unique qualities. Working with this goddess often involves rituals that incorporate symbols of love, such as roses and mirrors, as well as affirmations and spells to manifest a deeper connection to oneself and others.

Aphrodite’s presence in witchcraft serves as a beacon of love, reminding practitioners of the sacredness of embracing their true selves and the magical power that resides in every heart.

Aphrodite Energy is governed by the planet Venus. Taking into consideration Venus celestial movements will enhance any witchcraft work with her. Herbs that are associated with her are Damiana, Kava Kava, Ginkgo Biloba, Avena Sativa, Rose and any aphrodisiac.

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Beauty Spells

1. Magical Rose Bath

Start by collecting fresh rose leaves, symbolizing Aphrodite’s connection to love and beauty. Draw a warm bath and add the rose leaves, visualizing their essence infusing the water with love and self-acceptance. Infuse the water and air with the smell of vanilla – the fragrance of Aphrodite. As you soak, imagine negative thoughts and energies being washed away, leaving you renewed and radiant.

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2. Mirror Enchantment

Stand before a mirror and softly recite affirmations that celebrate your unique beauty. Light a pink or red candle, symbolizing love, and allow its glow to enhance the positive energy in the room. Gaze into the mirror and affirm the qualities that make you special, affirm your beauty, embracing self-love with each spoken word. Do not only say it but deeply feel it within. The first time might be difficult if you are struggeling with your self image. But the more you practice this spell the easier it will get and will flow out of naturally.

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Love Spells

3. Heartfelt Letter to Yourself

Sit in a quiet space with a pen and paper. Channel the energy of Aphrodite and write a heartfelt letter to yourself, expressing love, gratitude, and admiration for who you are. Seal the letter with a drop of rose oil, symbolizing the goddess’s presence, and keep it in a special place to revisit whenever you need a reminder of your self-love.

4. Love-Infused Talisman

Create a small talisman by incorporating rose quartz, a crystal associated with love, into a piece of jewelry or a pocket charm. Hold the talisman in your hands, infusing it with intentions of self-love and acceptance. Wear it as a reminder of the love you deserve and carry Aphrodite’s energy with you throughout the day.

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Self-Love and Self-Care

5. Magical Potion of Tea

Brew a cup of your favorite tea, adding dried rose buds to the mix. As the tea steeps, envision the warmth and love from Aphrodite infusing the liquid. With each sip, feel the soothing energy nurturing your soul. This ritual can become a daily practice, allowing you to connect with the goddess’s love on a regular basis.

6. Aphrodite’s Garden Meditation

Find a serene outdoor spot or create a small indoor garden. Surround yourself with flowers, especially roses, and meditate on their beauty. As you breathe deeply, visualize Aphrodite’s presence enveloping you in a warm, loving embrace. This meditation can serve as a powerful tool for grounding and centering, fostering a deep sense of self-love. Also whenever you can – buy yourself a bouquet of roses, you don’t need someone else to give you those. Get them all for yourself and bring self-love and Aphrodite into your life.

7. Yoni Puja

Even though this ritual has it’s root in eastern tantra, the yoni puja is the perfect ceremony that incorporates all aspects of aphrodite witchcraft. Head over to our article on How Worshipping your Pu$$y and Tantric Self-love can Transform your Life.

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Aphrodite witchcraft opens a magical doorway to self-love and appreciation. No matter if you see yourself as a green witch, a hedge witch, kitchen witch or simply just want to bring magick into your life, a relationship with Aphrodite and what she teach about self-love is healing for all of us. Through beauty spells, love spells, and self-care rituals, we can connect with the goddess’s energy to cultivate a profound sense of love for ourselves. Embrace these enchanting practices as a reminder that you are worthy of love, and let the magic of Aphrodite guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and self-love.

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