15 Incredible Macramé Wall Hanging Ideas with Tutorials to Beautify your Home

15 Incredible Macramé Wall Hanging Ideas with Tutorials to Beautify your Home

Are you looking to enhance your interior decor with some beautiful wall hanging or did you got the hang on Macramé and need a new challenge? You have come to the right place! We have collected 15 DIY wall hanging ideas that you can do yourself with Macramé techniques. As with knotting and Macramé videos are so much more then just images, we collected some of the best ideas in video forms to get you inspired and started. Let’s begin!

1. Boho Hanging

This wallhaning is a typical “boho” style – if that is the vibe you want to give your appartment, this one will be perfect. It has lots of freely hanging threads and uses the same knots over and over again – so you will learn some basics of Macramé knotting.

2. Twisted Wall Hanging

This design is a bit different – here spiraling patterns are used to give this amazing flowy look-

3. Dots with Yarns

This design is not typical macramé, as it works without using the typical knotting patters. Instead you will use styrofoam balls within the threads to create these large pearls.

4. Waves Wall Hanging

This is another beautiful design with wave patterns. It gives the impression of a carpet through it’s use of knitting patters. By using different yarn types is creates an interesting organic texture.

5. Ornamental Wall Hanging

This Macramé Wall hanging uses all kind of different knot patterns to create a symmetrical and clean look.

6. Heart Pattern Macramé Wall Hanging with Tassels

This design is more advanced. The knotting pattern creates these intricate heart form shapes and combines it with tassels.

7. Wall Hanging Leave

Leaves are one of the most popular Macramé designs. So we definitely wanted to include a few. In this tutorial you learn a simple leave on its own that makes for a beautiful accent on the wall.

8. Multiple Leaves Wall Hanging

In this tutorial multiple leaves are combined to create this organic wall hanging.

9. Colorful Leaves Wall Hanging

If you want to make a leave wall hanging but the first one was not for you, here is another one, that uses multipe colors and it is also simpler.

10. Monstera Leaves Wall Hanging

In this video, you learn how to make Monstera leaves patter that you can include in your designs. Who does not love a Monstera plant?

11. Black White Squares

This wall hanging uses a very geometrical and symmetric design patten with slanted lines and black and white colors for a very sophisticated design.

12. Tassels Hanging

Who does not love tassels? In this tutorial you will learn how to make a wall hanging that is made primarily out of tassels.

13. Colored Mountains Wall Hanging

This is a wonderful tutorial that teaches the use of color in Macramé hangings. Follow the project or use the technique and apply it on your very own design!

14. Colorful and Wavy Wall Hanging

Here we are bringing in more and more colors. In this pattern, different colored yarns are brought together to greate a very textured and organic look. And the cool part is: the creator uses only natural dyes!

15. Colored Boho Wall Hanging

This is another colorful macarmé design, that teaches how to combine differently colored yarns for a unique wall hanging.

We hope you enjoyed our Macramé Wall Hanging Ideas! Macramé is a wonderful way of doing something with your hands and creating a beautiful decor item for your home. Try whatever you liked most and which will be ready for your skill level. Besides wall hanging there are so many more ways of using macramé to create decoration and accessories, so stay tuned for more ideas in the future!

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