Seeing Meaningful Coincidences all the time? Here is what Synchronicities mean

Synchronicities are like the universe’s way of nudging us, offering a glimpse into the cosmic choreography of life. These meaningful coincidences, a term coined by the eminent psychologist Carl Jung, often appear when we least expect them, prompting us to wonder if there’s a deeper, hidden order to our existence. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the intriguing world of synchronicities, exploring their significance, the various types you might encounter, and how to interpret and harness these cosmic signposts in your life.

Understanding Synchronicities

“…meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved”

Carl Jung

A synchronicity is more than just a simple coincidence. It’s a moment when two seemingly unrelated events align in a way that carries profound meaning for the individual experiencing it. While skeptics might dismiss these occurrences as random chance, those who’ve encountered synchronicities often describe them as deeply meaningful and spiritually significant.

Why do synchronicities happen? It is believed that synchronicities are a form of inner guidance. That when you are doing “the work” those synchronicities will pop-up all around you, showing you that you are on the right path. In Carl Jungs understanding a Synchronicity happens when a psychological archetype in you becomes so pronounced that it expresses itself in the physical world. In Carl Jung’s work Synchronicities happen in the form of symbols of the archetype in question.

Many people you find themself on a transformative inner path experience and observe these synchronicities. They are incredibly meaningful and powerful for the individual even if from the outside they look like pure chance. Embracing synchronicities can provide a sense of comfort and connection with something greater than ourselves.

What Are Synchronicities

Types and Examples of Synchronicities

  1. Numerical Synchronicities: These are perhaps the most common type, where repeated numbers like 111, 222, or 333 seem to pop up frequently, often on digital clocks or in phone numbers. Many people associate these numerical patterns with spiritual or personal significance. People also call these angel numbers.
  2. Dream Synchronicities: Sometimes, the vivid dreams we have at night can hold clues or messages that seem to connect with events in our waking life. You might dream about an old friend you haven’t thought of in years, only to receive a message from them the next day.
  3. Encounters with Animals: Animals, whether in dreams or real life, can serve as powerful symbols. Seeing a particular animal repeatedly or having a significant encounter with one can be a synchronistic event, often holding a message or a lesson.
  4. Names and Words: Hearing the same name or word from different sources within a short timeframe can be a powerful synchronicity. It often serves as a message or reminder linked to the significance of that word or name.
  5. Meeting People: Crossing paths with certain people or connecting with individuals who significantly impact your life at a particular time can also be a synchronistic occurrence. The people you meet might offer valuable insights or opportunities.
  6. Tarot and Oracle Cards. drawing a specific
  7. random daily occurrences. The billboard or sign on a truck can give you the answer. You might find a book on the streets that guides you a way. A random conversation that you pick up. The message of a TV show or story that someone tells you. It can really be anything.

What are synchronicities can therefore not me answered too clearly either because they can come in so many forms.

Interpreting Synchronicities

Interpreting synchronicities requires intuition and self-reflection. The key is to stay open and receptive to the messages they carry. Start by keeping a journal where you record these events, noting the circumstances, your emotions, and your immediate thoughts when they occur. Over time, patterns might emerge, helping you understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

Synchronicities can have many meanings, but something about your inner world resonates in correspondence to the outer world. It can be your higher self expressing itself through the physical, it can be a symbol or a message. Your dreams can be helpful to decipher those meanings.

In the end – only you can tell. Because it is the meaning that is expressed to you that counts. What are synchronicities becomes a matter of understanding yourself.

Theories of Synchronicity

What synchronicities are is often explained by these two functions of the human brain:

  • Confirmation Bias – when you already look for something, it is far more easier to spot something that you would normally filter out. For example, it is very common for women you are wishing to be pregnant to see pregnant women literally everywhere. Those pregnant women have always been there, but only because you are attached to that motive you see it all of a sudden everywhere.
  • Apophenia – this it the tendency of the human psychology to seeing connections and patterns in random and/or meaningless data. It’s a bit like seeing motives in clouds, our brain is wired to find patterns in its environment, its an essential part of how our intellect processes the environment.

It is everyone’s personal decision how much you explain meaningful coincidences in your life. I personally find it important to have in the back of my mind tools of logic to dissect whatever comes my way. But I know when to let go of them and trust into my intuition to spot synchronicities that come from a deeper connection with the universe.

From a spiritual explanation synchronicities are a different way of saying “as within, as without”. It stems from the esoteric idea that the whole universe is a mirror of the soul. And as such it is basic concept of many other esoteric tools that are based on chance like tarot and oracle cards, I Ching, geomancy, Jiaobei, astrology to a certain degree and many more. Esoterically synchronicities are thought to stem from:

  • The unconscious mind – in the psychoanalysis of Carl Jung Synchronicities is a way that unconscious ideas and events manifest themselves into our lives, thus acting as a symbolic mirror into our soul.
  • Resonating Energy and Frequency – if we accept that everything is energy and frequency, then bringing yourself to the right frequency will manifest events, people and things into your life that match that frequency.
  • Law of attraction – this law states that we can create and attract things, people and events into our life by thinking and feeling as if we already have it. Synchronicities are then occurences that we attracted into our life.

The Origin Story of Synchronicities

The concept of synchronicities was developed later in Carl Jung’s work. At the time (and remained so till his last days), he was intensely interested into the inter-connectedness of the human psyche and the physical universe. He developed this concept in very close communication with the quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli. Pauli, who first was a patient to Jung and later became a friend, was as well deeply drawn to the relationship of the psyche to the occurrences of the outside world and the interplay of causality and chance – which is a fundamental problem in the realm of quantum physics.

Wolfgang Pauli observed something in his life, that was later called “the Pauli Effect” (not to be confused with the term “Pauli Principle” which describes the distribution of states or quantum numbers in an atom). This Pauli Effect describes the weird occurrences he would observe when ever we was close to a (physicist) experimental lab. The moment he was in the room, something would go wrong. The instruments would break, something would fall to the ground, the measurements would not make sense. Those things would happen every single time. He later concluded that in the eyes of “Synchronicity” he would see his impact on experimental physics symbolically. As much as his theories in quantum physics “destroyed” many beliefs in experimental physics his presence would symbolically show this psychological truth.

The Shadow Archetype

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Inviting Synchronicities

If you wish to invite synchronicities into your life, it often starts with intention. Setting a clear intention or asking for guidance from the universe can be a powerful way to open the door to these meaningful coincidences. Meditation, listening to your intutition, mindfulness, and practices like tarot or divination can also help you become more aware of the signs and patterns around you, here are some aspects you can incorporate:

  • Mindfulness and Awareness – living on autopilot, we often miss the most meaningful moments of your life. Life is happening all around you, take a step back and appreciate what is already going on. Miracles are already happening and your request will just arrive as one of them.
  • Intuitiontapping into our intuition can be an incredible transformative act of getting into the flow of the universe and seeing and feeling destiny all around you already happening.
  • Be humble – Don’t impose on life, nobody owns you anything. We are sometimes so desperate of seeing results and our manifestations come to life. But those feelings come from the wish of control. You don’t have to control anything. Just stay in the flow of the river we call life.

Conclusion About What are Synchronicities

We hope you enjoyed our article on what are synchronicities! Synchronicities remind us that life is far more mysterious and interconnected than we often realize. These meaningful coincidences can be a source of inspiration, guidance, and wonder.

By paying attention to them, recording your experiences, and staying open to their messages, you may find that synchronicities become a valuable part of your personal journey. So, embrace these signs from the universe, for they may hold the keys to a more meaningful and purposeful life.

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